At the next CPF journal club we will discuss challenges and difficulties in mindfulness research with focus on the measurement of potential adverse effects.

Mindfulness is used as an occasional replacement for psychotherapy, tool of corporate well-being and implemented educational practice. Hence, it is widely practiced for many different reasons. However, as in the case of psychotherapy, the research on adverse effects is still sparse and the need of adverse effect studies with more rigorous designs such as randomized controlled trials (RCTs) will be discussed.

Title of the article to be discussed: Van Dam NT, van Vugt MK, Vago DR, Schmalzl L, Saron CD, Olendzki A, et al. Mind the Hype: A Critical Evaluation and Prescriptive Agenda for Research on Mindfulness and Meditation. Perspectives on Psychological Science. 2018; 13(1): 36–61

Complementary article that will be mentioned in the discussion. OBS! Not mandatory to read beforehand

Davidson RJ, Dahl CJ. Outstanding Challenges in Scientific Research on Mindfulness and Meditation. Perspectives on Psychological Science. 2018; 13(1): 62–65.

The JC will be led by doctoral student Lina Rådmark, and associate professor Walter Osika.

The Journal Club is intended for PhD-students associated with CPF. Coffee and sandwiches will be available from 8.15 AM. Registration for the JC is not necessary!

It will be possible to join in on video conference through ZOOM, contact Karolina Sörman for this purpose:

Instructions regarding ZOOM:

* You can get also connected through smartphone (download the app ZOOM). Click on "join a meeting", type in the meeting code that Karolina will provide you with and choose username. For a group to join in, you can use a web camera. For this purpose, download ZOOM on your laptop (for SLL-computers, the installation might take some time so prepare this well in time). To join the meeting, click on the link provided by Karolina.