Stigma works at structural, interpersonal and individual levels which interact to increase vulnerabilities. For instance, individuals may internalize negative population attitudes about themselves.

Structural stigma encompasses societal norms, laws and policies which restrict the opportunities and resources of stigmatized groups or fail to protect their equal rights. Existing stigma research has primarily focused on individual and interpersonal levels of stigma, while less attention has been paid to structural stigma as well as its interaction with individual level stigma.

At this journal club we will discuss what stigma is and how it can be measured across levels based on the stigma measure described in the article:

Pachankis, J. E., & Bränström, R. (2018). Hidden from happiness: Structural stigma, sexual orientation concealment, and life satisfaction across 28 countries. Journal of consulting and clinical psychology86(5), 403–415.

The Journal club will be led by doctoral student Felicitas Falck under the supervision of associate professor Louise Frisén.

The Journal Club is intended for PhD-students associated with CPF. Registration for the JC is not necessary! It will be possible to join in on video conference through ZOOM, contact Karolina Sörman ( for this purpose.

Instructions regarding ZOOM: You can get also connected through smartphone (download the app ZOOM). Click on "join a meeting", type in the meeting code that Karolina will provide you with and choose username. For a group to join in, you can use a web camera. For this purpose, download ZOOM on your laptop (for SLL-computers, the installation might take some time so prepare this well in time). To join the meeting, click on the link provided by Karolina.



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