Most studies on the relationship between PG, substance use and mental health disorders have relied on retrospective data. These studies have shown that mental health disorders/substance use usually predate the onset of PG. However, PG also appears to be a risk factors of developing these disorders. A novel way to explore the reciprocal relationship between PG and mental health disorders/substance use is to deploy cross-lagged path models on longitudinal data. The article presents data from a prospective general population cohort.

Prepare for a discussion of study design, causality, and future research objectives.

Title of the article to be discussed:

Dowling, N. A., Butera, C. A., Merkouris, S. S., Youssef, G. J., Rodda, S. N., & Jackson, A. C. (2019). The Reciprocal Association between Problem Gambling and Mental Health Symptoms / Substance Use : Cross-Lagged Path Modelling of Longitudinal Cohort Data, 1–15.

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