The SWEsrii meetings have a long tradition of a small, focused, warm, non-hierarchical, and friendly atmosphere with lots of opportunities for valuable intellectual exchanges among the delegates.

Primarily, we aim to only have short (10-15 min) oral presentations which will all be presented in one, single track visited by all attendees. In case of an overpopulated program, some presentations will be converted to posters.

Depending on the number of submitted presentations the program will cover either one day (November 9) or two days (November 9-10).

This will be decided in the middle of September so currently we ask everyone to save both November 9 and 10 in your calendars.

To make it possible for the majority of delegates to travel to the conference on November 9, the main program will start at around 11:30 with a few presentations before lunch. If the program extends to November 10, it will end at around 15:00 at the latest.

Do not hesitate to register and submit an abstract to help us make the 10-year SWEsrii-anniversary great. 

For more information, registration and abstract submission (Deadline is September 9), go to SWEsriis webpage