virtual information meeting on June 1st 9:00-11:00 for all CPF staff. 

The topic of the meeting is "Research Life in the Times of Covid and After..."

We will be joint by: 

FoU Director, SLSO- Clara Hellner- who will describe the strategic work done by Region Stockholm during the covid 19 crisis and also share her insights on how we should consider working with FoU questions going forward.   

Prefect, CNS- Mats Olsson - who will describe KI 's strategic work with covid 19 and  his input for us researchers on how to best plan our work going forward. 

The presentations will be followed by a Q&A along with Clara and Mats and then I will present some updates on the effect of covid-19 specifically on CPF's FoU ( research and education) and how we can incorporate some of the input presented, at this meeting. 

Specific details on the format of the Q&A will be sent out closer to the meeting but do save the date and time.