Mental health is not just a personal issue – it's a universal human right. We invite you to be part of an insightful and impactful event that explores the crucial connection between mental health and human rights.

Our distinguished panel of experts and advocates will delve deep into the intersection of mental health and human rights. They will discuss the importance of equal access to mental health resources, combating stigma, and the role of government and society in upholding these rights.

In connection to the panel discussion, we'll have a brief mingle where we can connect with fellow attendees engaged in global mental health.

Panel participants:

  • Gunilla Backman, PhD, expert on health and human rights
  • Zena Awad, international MHPSS expert and UNDP consultant
  • Solvig Ekblad, psychologist and adjunct professor in multicultural health care research
  • Cecilia Abrahamsson, child rights and development expert