The discussion will be based on a study where challenges with the recruitment were pronounced. The study aimed to investigate the efficacy of internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy for adolescents and young adults with suicide ideation. Over the three years of recruitment, only 50 out of anticipated 169 participants were recruited. What could have contributed to this difficulty? And what can we learn from it? Prepare for a discussion of both study design/setting, eligibility criteria, and helpful sources in the recruitment process.

The article to be discussed: Hetrick, S. E., Yuen, H. P., Bailey, E., Cox, G. R., Templer, K., Rice, S. M., … Robinson, J. (2017). Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy for young people with suicide-related behaviour (Reframe-IT): a randomised controlled trial. Evidence Based Mental Health20(3), 76–82.

The Journal Club will be led by doctoral student Olivia Simonsson and professor Clara Hellner.

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