Publishing manuscripts before peer review on open digital platforms has for some time been a way for researchers to quickly share their research results. During the covid-19 pandemic, this way of publishing has increased considerably in scope, not least because several research funders now demand that research findings of crucial importance to public health should be disseminated effectively to the research community. By this way of publishing, researchers can get quick feedback on their results, while facilitating global collaborations and accelerating the research process. But what are the consequences when research results that have not undergone peer review are spread quickly outside the research community and are given major impact in news media? 

The seminar will address the topic of prepublishing from various aspects, such as ethical considerations regarding the publication of research results that have not undergone traditional peer review, advantages and disadvantages of publishing research results faster and discussing them in the open on digital platforms, challenges regarding evaluating and communicating results that aren't yet peer reviewed etc. 

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