13:00-13:10 Introduction: Nils Lindefors, Karolinska Institutet

13:10-13:30 On the Organization of a National Digital Mental Health Service: Systems, Strategies and Tactics: Nick Titov, Macquarie University, Sydney

13:30-13:50 A Chronic Conditions Course: Blake Dear, Macquarie University, Sydney

13:50-14:10 ICBT – State of the Art: Gerhard Andersson, Linköping Universitet

14:10-14:40 Coffee break and Mingle

14:40-15:00 Virtual reality for speech and social anxiety: Per Carlbring, Stockholm University

15:00-15:20- ICBT vs. face-to-face CBT for health anxiety: Erik Hedman, KI

15:20-15:40 Artificial intelligence to support ICBT: Viktor Kaldo, KI

15:40-16:00 Concluding Remarks: Gerhard Andersson

Hosted by Nils Lindefors