From 11th European congress on violence in clinical psychiatry:

On behalf of the scientific committee we invite psychiatrists, practitioners, (psychiatric mental health) nurses, psychologists, health scientists, educators, trainers, researchers, managers, and policymakers engaged in the prevention, management, research into violence and aggression in mental health and intellectual disability settings to attend the 11th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry.

Note: Due to high interest and popular demand we are happy to announce that poster abstracts can still be submitted till the 1st of August 2019.

The broad multi- and interdisciplinary scope of the European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry is expressed in the various subthemes that will be addressed in Oslo/Lillestrøm in 2019:

  • Epidemiology and nature of inpatient violence against staff
  • Epidemiology and nature of violence against patients / patients as victims
  • PTSD & violence prevention and treatment
  • Trauma informed care & practice
  • Assessment of risk, prevention & protective factors
  • Humane safe & caring approaches in and reduction of restrictive practices
  • Neurobiological approaches and pharmacological therapies
  • Psychological approaches & interventions
  • Service users & family perspectives
  • Race, gender, cross-cultural & ethnicity perspectives
  • Ethical, human rights and legal perspectives
  • Sexual offending violence
  • Specific populations: forensics
  • Specific populations: intellectually disabled / learning disabilities
  • Specific populations: child & adolescent
  • Specific populations: elderly / dementia
  • Specific populations: community & ambulant care
  • Training and education of (interdisciplinary) staff
  • Application of new technology (media – social networks – information technology – e-learning – virtual environment)
  • ENTMA08 presentations / contributions
  • Other related themes

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