Year light laureate professor Sven Bölte from KIND

Traditionally, Riksförbundet Attention will award a prize for "Best Lighting" on NPF forum. The prize aims to highlight the people who made the admirable and significant contributions in the NPF area and for our audiences. This year's light laureates Sven Bölte, head of KIND.

Attentions Board are those that selects the winner and their motivation: 

"Through its international outlook and committed approach Sven which created a dynamic center of excellence for research, development and teaching. Sven has taken an active part of the Swedish debate on support and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders. He has therefore help us and other organizations to disseminate facts and knowledge to a wide audience. "

If you visit the NPF-forum you can share the award ceremony at 4/5. 15:00 Sal M2.