Psychological models of Psilocybin Drug Administration

  • 2023-09-06

  • 9 - 16

  • Clarion Hotel Sign

There is a paucity of treatments for many psychiatric disorders, including depression. Preliminary data suggest both a good safety profile and therapeutic potential for psychedelic substances when combined with therapy. This course aims to address the critical gap in scientific knowledge on which psychological models of psilocybin administration should be considered best practice – with a specific focus on possible research designs to test psychological models in the clinical application of psilocybin.

Kursens innehåll

This course will provide an overview of the current state of research on clinical applications of psilocybin, including safety, ethical, and regulatory perspectives. Together with leading researchers in the field, students will analyze the strengths and limitations of alternative research designs to test psychological models of psilocybin administration. In addition, students will write individual drafts of proposed research plans to test these models.

This course is conducted in a hybrid format as a combined workshop/doctoral course. Included teaching and learning activities: Reading, writing, lectures, group work, and general discussions. The workshop format enables presentations and practical exercises in both plenum and smaller groups, and also includes opportunities for networking among leading researchers in the field.


Postdocs and doctoral students interested or engaged in psychedelic research or clinical psychology/psychiatry are welcome to apply. Selection will be based on the relevance of the postdoc research area/doctoral project course syllabus (according to written motivation).

Ytterligare information

This course is conducted in a hybrid format as a combined workshop/doctoral course across three Nordic countries: Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. A maximum of eight doctoral students are welcome to participate, together with 22 researchers from the three countries. During the three mandatory course days (Wednesday, September 6th, 9.00-17.00; Thursday, September 7th, 9.00-17.00; and Friday, September 8th 9.00-15.30), the students are expected to be present at Clarion Hotel Sign, Östra Järnvägsgatan 35, Stockholm. In addition to the three course days, a written proposed research plan should be submitted within one month of the last day of the workshop (i.e., October 6th).


Sista ansökningsdagen är den 15/5 2023.

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