Welcome to the March JC in Psychiatry, hosted by CPF:

At this JC, we will discuss an article that focuses on exploring the effects of an intervention aimed to improve school performance among children placed in foster care. In addition to low school achievements, this particular group has shown high risks of unfavorable outcomes in adulthood, e.g. substance abuse, suicidal behavior, welfare dependency, and criminal behavior. Poor school performance seems to be major risk factor for the development of such outcomes. Improving foster children’s school performance has been highlighted as important. Still, research on this topic is rather scarce. The article is a randomized trial including 77 foster children. Children in the experimental condition were exposed to an individualized tutoring program.The results showed improvements on reading comprehension and numeracy skills.

JC will be led by Natalie Durbeej, PhD, Post-doc at Center for Psychiatry Research and Education 

Sandwich and coffee will be available at the venue from 8:15 am

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Warm welcome!