At the JC we will discuss a recent article describing a RCT on ACT for psychosis. ACT has shown  promise as a briefer, more easily implemented therapy then CBT, but had not been rigorously evaluated in the context of psychosis. The purpose of this trial was to evaluate whether ACT could reduce the distress and disability associated with psychotic symptoms in a sample of community-residing patients with chronic medication-resistant symptoms. The JC will focus on what we perceive to be strength and weaknesses with this study (and RCTs at large).
Title of the article to be discussed:

Shawyer et al, (2016). Acceptance and commitment therapy for psychosis: randomised controlled trial
Supplementing material:

If you wish, you can have a glance at the study protocol describing the study that was published in 2014. You can find it attached: Thomas et al, (2014). A randomised controlled trial of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for psychosis: study protocol